Facebook Boost-a-Post



To check the status of you’re promoted posts on your Facebook page, click “Promotions,” then “Go to Ads Manager” — and you will see a breakdown of what you’ve spent per day. I’ll continue to show what’s going on “behind the scenes” so that you and I both will learn how to do this, when to do it, and what to expect for a result (although this would presumably vary quite a bit).

Facebook Boosted Posts


These are two promoted posts, or at least I thought they were. One is apparantly a boost of my WordPress site. I hadn’t really planned that, but ok.

It asks to choose an age group, a gender (or both), and a geographical area. I chose 45-65+, both genders, the USA, and some keywords that included Facebook, Social Media, Youtube, Making Money, Marketing and Branding.

My previous pose included a list of future topics. I want to make a couple additions:

— Google Hangouts
— Q and A of your questions, on FB Live, or Youtube